Azienda Agricola MARIO RIVETTI Azienda Agricola MARIO RIVETTI

The History

Our main goal is get great value wines

The historic estate comes from the passion of a family for the agricultural and wine world: generation after generation it has turned to be a mainly women-owned company.

In 1930 grandfather Pasquale inherited from his father a farmstead and started his business as a wine grower. In 1968 his son Mario, driven on by his passion for farming and wines, started to make wines from his own grapes and to sell these wines. In 2000, after the untimely and sudden death of Mario, his children took on the company continuing the family tradition.

Loredana and Anna Maria, grown between vineyards and wines, manage nowadays the whole company along with their husbands Domenico and Giuseppe. The family follows all processes of their own grapes from vineyards growing, to wine-making, bottling and direct selling of their products: the inherited tradition is so kept intact. This is a small business: it does not handle high figures being its focus on product quality, that very quality which is obtained respecting old traditions handed down from father to son but also giving special attention to new technologies.

Currently the company has a planted area of 10 hectares of NEBBIOLO, BARBERA, DOLCETTO, CHARDONNAY, FAVORITA, MOSCATO.

The main goal of our company is to get great value wines through a production which goes hand in hand with our passion for our land and our ambition.